This is Africa’s largest freshwater lake, the world’s 2nd largest. It has several habited islands, but we will enjoy Ssese Islands, which are an archipelago of 84 islands in the Lake Victoria in the Ugandan side. Some of them are very large in side, like Bugala and Bukasa. Others are little and without human population. Especially the Bay of Lutoboka in Bugala Island  its an attractive Seren beach  site for visitors and tourists, in search for a very quite and relaxing time on the hot equatorial sun to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the fresh water. The islands are also well known for their untouched tropical rain forests and birds. It is a very nice opportunity to practice sport fishing, to row a local canoe, kayaking, biking around, and explore love in the tropical sunshine.

Day 1
Leave Kampala and Entebbe Pier at Nakiwogo. The ferry  leaves at 2pm on Lake Victoria and reach Lutoboka bay in Bugala Island after three hours.  You will enjoy the sail  in a very unique way in that you’ll be guided by a professional naturalist who will point out all the bird life and names of islands with their history. Overnight will be at Mirembe Resort Beach where you’ll enjoy a sun down forest hike looking for birds and monkeys.

Day 2
Relax on the beach of Mirembe Resort, where you can have cold drinks and nice traditional food, while swimming in the beautiful water and taking sunbath. Other activities can be arranged: take a bicycle ride to explore the forest and the sites in the biggest amongst the Ssese Islands; walk to enjoy the nature, birding and monkey viewing, cultural and projects visitation. overnight at Mirembe Resort Beach.

Day 3
Leave at 8am by ferryboat. You reach Entebbe Pier after three hours and you will be transferred back to Kampala.

Extension days can be arranged.

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